The Lighthouse Memory Club is a series of animations that will help with Bible verse memorization. It currently features the characters known as The Lightbulbs and will feature other characters in the future.

The Lightbulbs are characters from a comic originally created by Jonah Brown in 1995. The comic was a story about a group of light bulb like characters who came from outer space to explore Earth.

The characters have taken many forms over the last 20 years and were eventually developed into the ones presented here on Lighthouse Memory Club. These characters want to memorize Bible verses and share that learning experience in the videos presented here.

We have cast our family as some of the character voices and they have guest appearances throughout the videos. This is a family production and our business Honey in the Wild, creates all the graphics and promotional materials for the website as well as produces the videos.

All our animations use the Authorized King James bible version because it is in the public domain, requires no licensing permissions, and has a poetic rhythm excellent for memorizing.

We hope you enjoy the series as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Jonah Brown and Family